Mobile Apps

Our increasing reliance on mobile devices has given rise to a new class of software applications (i.e., mobile apps). Tens of thousands of mobile app developers have developed hundreds of thousands of mobile apps that are available across multiple platforms. These apps are used by millions of people around the world every day. However, most software engineering research currently is performed on large desktop or server applications like the Eclipse IDE and Apache HTTPD Server.

We believe that research efforts must begin to examine mobile apps. Mobile apps are growing at a rapid pace, yet they differ from traditionally-studied desktop and server applications.

We are studying differences between mobile apps and traditionally-studies desktop and server applications (e.g., how do Android apps differ from the Eclipse IDE or Apache HTTPD Server) as well as mobile apps from different mobile platforms (e.g., how to Android and BlackBerry apps differ?). We are also studying factors that may influence the quality of mobile apps.

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